Sitemap - 2021 - Handwaving Freakoutery

HWFO 2021 Year in Review

Memespace Egregores and the Covid-19 Sensemaking Crisis

Burn the Universities and Salt the Earth

A Case Study of Memetic Compression Rates

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HWFO November 2021 Housekeeping

Memespace Egregores and Google Maps

The Covid-19 Sensemaking User Guide

Analyzing the Ryan Thomas Balch Account of Kenosha

The Economics of Being a Teacher, By State

Rittenhouse as a Litmus for Adult Disagreement

The Many Flavors of Wokeness

Chris Cheng's NFT Auction Goes Live Tomorrow

Latinx Is Done

The Human Tool

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HWFO September 2021 Housekeeping

Data From the Texas Prison Delta Outbreak Fits the Vax Narrative

An Illustrated Guide to Plastic Straws

Bezos is the Greenest Man Alive

HWFO on Boyce of Reason Podcast, September 2021

Can Fortnite Rescue Humanity from the Attention Economy War?

Everyone is Wrong about Covid-19 for a Reason

No Uterus No Opinion? No Opinion No Obligation

Explaining Systemic Racism to the Right, with Guns

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HWFO August 2021 Housekeeping

The Covid 19 Red Ink Blue Ink Problem

Weird Ideas About Afghanistan

We Gave Them Everything They Needed to Defend Their Country Except a Country

Visualizing the Costs of Government in “Border Walls”

Abolish the Federal Government and Realign the Nation Based on Football

An Outside Look at Election Fraud

Osama bin Laden's Letter to America - a 20 Year Introspective

The Gun Lane We Need Doctors In, and Government Out

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HWFO June 2021 Housekeeping

Lying with Gun Data. Again.

The Freakoutery about Kavanaugh is a Sociobiological Outburst

The Vaccine Might Kill You and That’s Fine

Progressivism on a Precipice?

Not Your Imagination - Society Is Going Insane and I Can Prove It

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HWFO May 2021 Housekeeping

HWFO Covid-19 After Action Report

The Social Media Catastrophe

Things Jordan Peterson’s Rehab Taught Me

Playbook to Fight Woke School Board Takeovers

Facebook is Shiri's Scissor

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HWFO April 2021 Housekeeping

A Detailed Look at Woke Update Mechanics

Social Justice is a Crowdsourced Religion

Game Theory on the “Second Civil War”

The Gun Solution

Beautiful Death

Real Talk about Meritocracy

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We Are All Apes Behaving Like Ants

HWFO March 2021 Housekeeping

Want a Vaccine? Elect a Nationalist

Real Talk about School Shootings

Doctors are Wrong about Firearm Effectiveness in Mass Shootings

The Long Problem

Gun Buybacks Don't Work if you Believe in Math

The Media Engine of Chaos

The Magic Gun Evaporation Fairy

I Just Made $100 off Some Dead Kids, and That’s the Problem

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Curious Experiment

Does the USA Have the Worst Covid-19 Response? Not at All.

Modeling the Socioeconomic Future with Dungeons and Dragons

The Gun Homicide Epidemic Isn’t

The Left Is Making the Wrong Case on Gun Deaths. Here’s a Better Case.

Everybody's Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide

Covid-19 Stands to Be Done by the Summer

Geographic Evidence that Gun Deaths are Cultural

Deplatforming, Sargon, MAGA Hat Kids, and the Kulturkampf

Conversations with Black Folks About Cops

The "Sabika Sheikh Firearms Licensing and Registration Act" Fails Third Grade Math

Rape Math

HWFO in Other Media

Explaining the Social Justice “Woke Anti-Semitism” Paradox

Science Says Sam Harris is Alt-Right

Don’t Read This

So Long Medium

The Purge Will End in Violence

The Two Confusing Definitions of Racism

Spot the True Believer

Stop Calling it a “Coup”