"This is a song about a whale. NO!"

This is a song about gun mathematics, culture war analysis, media criticism, and occasional unrelated esoterica that prevents me from sleeping at night.

Message to Readers

I’m not a writer. Not really. Started writing in 2018 on Medium basically because I was sick of having to re-type the same arguments in Facebook over and over, and wanted some place to archive well formulated thoughts without having to copy and paste them repeatedly. Stuck them on Medium. They went viral. A million hits later, and with the cloud of internet censorship bearing down heavily within left wing platforms, I have decided to migrate to Substack in 2021.

The Old Medium Publication

HWFO is a publication that began by critically analyzing claims by left wing media sources about guns, which are tremendously, scientifically wrong, and stand to seriously damage the country if acted upon. It pivoted to a broader goal of trying to understand the culture war itself, since the gun debate is not in truth a debate about reality at all, it is a war of cultures. It widened to an analysis of the media, and of social media, and the way their interactions exacerbate the culture war.

In the first three years, HWFO has built not only a list of grievances against the forces that now control our virtual world, as many others have, it has built a set of analysis tools to understand what’s going on around us, an entire different way of thinking about culture war, which if adopted makes all of the insanity we see around us perfectly explainable. If you’re new to this material, soak some of it in and see if it helps you.

Be aware, There Be Dragons Here. Fully understanding what’s going on could drive you to a dark place.

I now write for Open Source Defense, Quillette, Recoil Web, and Recoil print edition. I’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts and a host for RECOIL TV. So in some ways I guess I am a writer now. But you shouldn’t think that gives me some kind of credibility - all writers are assholes. Thankfully I have a day job, so I’m not beholden to anyone in what I write.

I’m going to keep the Substack publication free to view and free to subscribe to. If you find any of this stuff valuable, and want to buy me a beer for it, go over to Patreon or sign up for a paid subscription here. All paid members, via either substack or Patreon, will be granted access to a private invite-only Slack channel where they can converse with other readers about the material away from the public eye.

Author Bio

BJ Campbell is

  • A licensed professional civil engineer and practicing hydrologist who consults in the land development and environmental industries.

  • A single widower and full custody single father.

  • A former radio DJ and hobbyist musician with three albums on Spotify and other streaming services.

  • A trained sushi chef.

  • A hobbyist woodworker.

  • A writer for RECOIL, HWFO, Quillette, and Open Source Defense.

  • A frequent podcast guest.

  • A tabletop RPG nerd.

  • An owner of ten chickens, a cat, and a pool.

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This is a song about culture wars, futurism, apocalypta, and gun math.


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