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An index of podcast appearances, TV appearances, and other crap.

Herein, an index of stuff you’ve missed if you’re just now tuning in to Substack or you followed the Medium publication or Open Source Defense but nothing else. Personally, I think the best thing in the whole list is the “Guns Guide to Liberals” series of discussions we recorded in the Open Source Defense AirBNB at SHOT Show 2020, which they broke up into three episodes. But don’t sleep on the RECOIL TV interview. It’s solid. You can probably skip the Sam Tripoli one, it was weird. But first, the buttons begging for money.

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Jim Rutt Show

Jan 27, 2021: Currents 024: BJ Campbell on the Woke Religion

This is brand new material released this week, and draws on a lot of prior HWFO stuff. If you want linkbacks to prior articles that cover any topic in this podcast, leave a comment.


HWFO via RECOIL TV hosts Michael Siegel, BU gun policy researcher and one of the smartest people in the room when it comes to gun policy, and a guy who started ideologically anti-gun and has shifted the more research he does. We even talk about that in the interview.

Rebel News with Ezra Levant

December 14, 2019: “The math behind why you should prepare for a violent revolution”

Full interview requires a subscription. Ezra is a deeply conservative alternate viewpoint Canadian media personality, sort of like Fox News for Canada, but this interview went off very well. The best parts were cut out of the clip linked.

Guns Guide to Liberals (with Open Source Defense and NAAGA)

Feb 3, 2020: 8.5 Racial Implications of Gun Control Round Table

Feb 10, 2020: 8.5 Part Two – Facebook Conspiracies, Echo Chambers, and the Path to Activism

Feb 17, 2020: 8.5 Part Three – Finding Meaning

As you cycle through these, play the “guess how many beers BJ’s had at this point in the segment” game.

Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli

Jul 22, 2019: #213 Guns with BJ Campbell

This podcast went over like a lead balloon with the Tin Foil Hat Podcast fans, which was pretty hilarious.

Boyce of Reason

Nov 14, 2018: Guns, Memes, and Societal Ills with BJ Campbell

First ever podcast appearance. I need to get with Boyce again.

Restless Native Podcast

July 14, 2020: 102: Open Source Defense Contributor BJ Campbell

An hour about the media with the Fudds. I really enjoyed this one.

The Stoa

Dec 5, 2018: BJ Campbell, Conscientiously Objecting to the Culture War

Jan 6, 2020: Jordan Hall and BJ Campbell – Game Ant vs Game B

July 9, 2020: Spot the True Believer: MAGA, Social Justice, and Eric Hoffer w/ BJ Campbell

Aug 1 2020: Postscript: Guns in America w/ Buster Benson and BJ Campbell

Everything Peter Limberg touches is great, but he plays to a narrow audience so his traffic is small. Soak these in.

Other Crap

HWFO has spilled into several other journals on occasion as well.


She Did Not Go Gently - an article on April 27 2019 about my wife’s struggle with early onset colon cancer. I’d like to find out what the traffic was on this piece, because I was approached by a lady I didn’t know six months after it was published saying they did a Sunday School session on it. I have no idea how wide it went.


Modeling the Socioeconomic Future with Dungeons and Dragons - A jaunt into the bell curves of fantasy roleplay character generation and what they might tell us about racism, the economy, and a future where intelligence ceases to matter in the same way that strength no longer matters.


The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper - a crosspost of the HWFO Medium article of the same name, but it’s outside the Medium paywall. One day it may find itself over here on Substack.

But most of HWFO’s stuff still lives On Medium until I can get around to migrating it.


Guns in America, a conversation between BJ Campbell and Buster Benson. This conversation exchange was entered in the “Impossible Conversations” contest, and only missed nailing first place by a single point. Earned Buster and I around five hundred bucks. Check out this comment about it from Heather Heyeing, one of the judges: