HWFO on Boyce of Reason Podcast, September 2021

The stuff you've read, except in podcast form, with alcohol.

An idle Wednesday evening I had a half a bottle of wine watching Atlanta United wipe the floor with FC Cincinnati, and then jumped onto Skype with Benjamin Boyce to talk HWFO.

The discussion mostly centered on HWFO’s core message, about how traffic incentives in the for-profit media space necessarily create echo chambers, and therefore society wide micro insanities, causing the business of media itself to necessarily become an engine of culture war. We applied that core lesson to guns, Covid-19, and the general collapse of sense making in a gatekeeperless internet.

We also dipped slightly into the concept that both the alt-right and the Antifa-left have come to the same awakening about the failures of our actual “democracy,” but questioned whether that’s in fact bad.

And we laughed and drank more. It turned out well. I definitely need a new podcast camera. Boyce’s Youtube channel is worth subscribing to, if you’re the sort of person that subscribes to Youtube channels.


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