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Newsom's Per Capita Shuffle

HWFO Housekeeping and Reading List November 2023

The Campbell Family Turkey Brine Recipe

How to Properly Trash Shannon Watts

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HWFO Housekeeping for November 2023 and a Discussion about Blogger Morality

Alternate Mass Death Measures, Gaza Edition

A New Unit of Measure for Terrorist Killings

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Moloch in the Middle East

HWFO Guide to Selling Political Influence

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Talkin About Hunga Tonga

Simplified Dungeons and Dragons for Kids

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The Barbie Movie Review Diametric

The Mathematics of Male Height Advantage in Dating

Why Men Don't Date Woke Women

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Real Talk About Nicotine

Top Ten Most Picturesque Tennessee Courthouses by Lynching History

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Affirmative Action is Exactly the Same as it Was

The Woke Olympics

Why I Don't Trust John Lott

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What the Florida "Anti-LGBT" Laws Actually Do

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"No Such Thing as a Responsible Gun Owner" Except for the 99.6% Who Are

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Debunking the CAP Fact Sheet

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The Crab Louie Story

In Defense of AR-15 Story Hour

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The Nonzero Chance of the Zombie Apocalypse

Real Talk about Race and Murder Rates

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Jim Rutt Show - Currents 090: BJ Campbell and Patrick Ryan on Egregores

The War on Guns is Lost

Moloch Says to Build the AI

HWFO's Unified Theory of Wokeness

Autistic Rationalist Goes to DEI Training

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Anatomy of a Gun Lie

HWFO February 2023 Housekeeping

ChatGPT Would Kill Black People to Avoid Saying the N-Word

Evidence that ChatGPT is More Intelligent than Anti-Gun Journalists

AR-15s are Mindbogglingly Safe

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The HWFO Gun Argument Tree

The Gun Violence "War Zone," Evaluated

Fear and Loathing at Shot 2023

The Gas Stove Asthma Lie

Quillette New Orleans Social - After Action Report