It is certainly true that "reds" are more likely to be armed and experienced marksmen, but you forget the ace card of the military. No Redneck Militia would hold a chance against the 82nd Airborne, and that's without even considering air strikes, drones, etc.

A violent attempt to overthrow the government would almost assuredly be met with military force, first national guard and if needed, the Army. This has happened before in fact.

This knowledge has to keep the "red" players hands stayed at least a bit. Generals aren't really that hot on Trumpism, with his disdain of "Duty, Honor and Country", the main Officer Corp values. Sacrifice for the great good is at the center of military values.

A less vulgar Conservative leader can be supported though. The real question you have to ask yourself is since this has always been true, why has it never been used before?

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