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Don't mean to hijack the thread, but in the past 2 years or so, in attempting to understand our time of mass psychosis, I've read:

The True Believer Eric Hoffer

The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind Gustave Le Bon

The Captive Mind Milosz

The Reckless Mind Mark Lilla

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism Robert Jay Lifton

A Colorful History of Popular Delusions Robert E. Bartholomew


The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing Joost A. M. Meerloo

The Devils Of Loudun Aldous Huxley

Public Opinion Walter Lippmann 1922

The Tyranny of Opinion Russell Blackford

The Madness Of Crowds Douglas Murray

The Pursuit of the Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages Norman Cohn

The Elephant in the Brain Hidden Motives in Everyday Life Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson 2018

Of course, all this focused reading has only succeeded in alienating me from just about everyone I know and made me feel like a deranged freak (psychosis is contagious, after all:))

But then I read your thoughts and feel a bit better.


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OK, now do Teenage Transgenderism

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This is a truly well-written piece, although you might want to correct the "Zuccerberg" misspelling in the last paragraph. If you're concerned that those on the Twitter call would not understand your point, this piece clearly lays it out. Well done!

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