The number of extremely obese people, who have never cared about their health, and who point to the fact they got vaccinated and use it to pretend like they’re taking the only step they need to ensure their health is overwhelming. The simple fact of the matter is that covid’s death rate isn’t that high in normal, healthy people. The government is taking advantage to coalesce even more authoritarian power against it’s people and those who are unwilling to otherwise look after themselves can’t help but cheer it on. The world has turned itself on it’s head and it’s truly mind-numbing.

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How dare you make sense!

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These vaccines do not offer sterilizing immunity. As a result, a more pathogenic strain can evolve in vaccinated people. Vaccinated then become an unwitting host of this strain and pass it to others. The nature of COVID mutation is more tame than influenza, but the risk remains. FDA/CDC should re-think their vaccine strategy to achieve sterilizing immunity. That would also assist with herd immunity. Nonetheless, it will be with us forever.

The overweight co-morbidity is likely tied to Ace2. That may be a strain-specific vulnerability. Future mutations could deviate, reducing the covariance of co-morbidity. The vascular effect of COVID is murky and may create a long term implication. Which is a further reason to get to vaccines with sterilizing immunity.

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"immunity from recovering from a natural infection doesn’t last either. " FALSE FALSE FALSE.

What your friends encountered was Antibody Dependent Enhancement (or a flu - which the PCR can't distinguish PER THE CDC), and definitely NOT a second round of ANY one virus. Have you ever had to have a booster vaccine in less than ten years? No. Have the rules of science suddenly inverted because there are "vaccines" to sell? No.

The shots prevent NEITHER infection nor transmission, and 30% of the animals in animal studies died the next time they encountered a coronavirus (read: common cold), within a few months of the shot. IT's NOT a reinfections. How could you have missed this GIGANTICALLY consequential bit of information.

They are lying to sell shots and couldn't care less about the loss of life which they are NOT allowing to be mentioned. All hospitalizations from adverse reactions for recipients who received the shot < 14 days prior, and being reported as COVID symptoms in the unvaxxed.

That's right, drop dead 2 days after your second shot? It's an unvaxxed COVID death. It's murder by syringe.

Once you realise that, the gyrating storyline makes perfect sinister sense.

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Good article. Except that you didn't go into the VAERS data. You say one more experimental agent isn't going to harm you. Tell that to the thousands of dead and harmed, knowing on top of that that the data is vastly under reported. And you didn't talk about early treatment, which offers several safe, effective and reliable options for the vulnerable. VAERS combined with the early treatment success of worldwide top physicians and supported with numerous quality data are the two most important reasons for vaccine hesitancy and you don't mention them in your list. Lastly, here are the just released covid survival rates by age:

0-19 99.9973%

20-29 99.986%

30-39 99.969%

40-49 99.918%

50-59 99.73%

60-69 99.41%

70+ 97.6% (non-inst.)

70+ 94.5% (all)

Now with those numbers in mind, coupled with the VAERS and other worldwide data which mirrors it in being a thousand times the pre covid vaccine level, why would any thinking person, even above 70, take the experimental vaxx? It's absurd on its face...

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Perfectly written. Lose weight, eat nutrient dense foods, exercise, stop being douches-all things America needs to work on

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Now when comes the Twitter storm accusing you of being a Tumpster?

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