Let's just drop it, okay ... because the other side will drop lies left and right and act as if these were fundamental truths. We've seen false reports, false studies, fake statistics for decades.

I've owned guns all of my adult life. I don't have a huge number of them, but enough of a collection to cause a leftist journalist to wet their panties over my "arsenal". And you know what? I've never shot anyone, I've never threatened anyone with a gun, and I've never had a negligent discharge. Nearly everyone I know owns at least one gun, usually half a dozen, and none of them have ever done any of that irresponsible stuff either.

But you know where guns are used irresponsibly? Where they are tools for murder and violence? Where they are never used for hunting or target shooting? You know the answer. And you know those people can't read cursive. And you know they're packed like sardines into government supported housing and that they live in blighted urban areas.

Take away the gangs, the drug shoot outs, the "pop a cap in yo azz" folks, and "gun crime" falls to almost nothing for the entire country, whereas it has always been almost nothing in the areas that are NOT as described above.

And that's the real truth, period.

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This is true. Normally the people who commit crimes with guns don’t own them legally anyway.

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No, but I'll bookmark it. Thanks.

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As a person with significant experience in statistics, I can tell you that 97.43% of all statistics seen in the popular press are bogus. Actually, no. Well, not precisely. As might be guessed, I made up that number, but it is just as valid as most of the so-called “statistics” I see on a daily basis. Like all politically or cult-based arguments, we must remember the principle of “garbage in, garbage out.”

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Like the old sayin goes. “99.99% of all statistics are incorrect!” 🤣

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I would probably fall under one of the irresponsible gun owners. Here’s why. My 14 yr old son is allowed to go out and hunt Squrirrel rabbit and deer on his own with his gun....That I bought him. Since the age of five I have had him around guns starting with coming out with me hunting and practicing gun safety with his first gun, a daisy red rider BB gun. He has also been thru 3 different gun safety and hunter safety courses. Also my wife and I also keep a close eye on his mental health and a close eye on what kind of nonsense might be being taught to him at school. Our judgment is that he is perfectly safe and can be trusted to be out hunting by himself with a gun. Probably safer than if he was sitting at home all day in front of a gaming console and a phone. All this probably throws me smack dab into the irresponsible gun owner category.

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Probably safer than if he was sitting at home all day in front of a gaming console and a phone.

Exactly. The same "experts" who are completely baffled why all cause mortality is up 10 - 15% are also unable to understand why mental health, particularly in men, is at an all time low. Could it be that the real place for a young man is out in the woods, not glued to screens, eating seed oils, and taking SSRIs? No...

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Anyone who can say that "there are no responsible x" is likely not responsible for anything - or responsible for very little by comparison.

Perhaps because they know they themselves can't be trusted.

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For about four years, I was running a FB page examining gun control claims with a "99.7%" slogan (it being the percentage of gun owners who *don't* contribute to gun-related tragedy in any given year).

My estimate was based on FBI stats for gun-related violent crime, CDC stats for suicides and accidents, and pitting it against an estimate of gun owners.

So, seeing you use a percentage close to that warms my heart.

I took the page down a few years ago, partially out of paranoia over a Biden administration leveraging it to target people like me, partially from getting into EMS stuff.

I did save pretty much all the videos to Rumble, though.


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So mass murderers at the local supermarket are bad, agreed, but training to defeat these selfsame supermarket murderers is 'fantasizing.'

You just can't win with these people...

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To people who define "owning a gun" as irresponsibility, the claim is a tautology.

Such people are unworthy of seat at civilization's table.

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It's difficult to not respond with vile invective towards people who insist on besmirching people as a group. So I applaud you for your ability to do so, good sir.

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sweet they’re finally gonna disarm the military


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