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Interesting. I'm an IN(soft-F)J, so yeah, that tracks.

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An even more striking comparison would be of the HWFO results to those of the general population. My recollection is that INTJ (Go Team!) are less than 4% of the population compared to 40% here.

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Keep in mind that if you have 30 respondents and 16 types, you really don't have a large enough sample size for detailed analysis. I figure you have enough data to draw reasonably confident conclusions about single factors and to be reasonably confident about NT preponderance, but I don't think this data set can support much more analysis than that. With 30 respondents and 16 types, some buckets are likely to have zero respondents from pure chance even the population was evenly mixed.

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Sorry to be that guy, but Myers Briggs is no more accurate than horoscopes..

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I noticed the earlier reference to the slack thingy, but didn't pay enough attention to how to access it. Are there any instructions for paid subscribers? Thanks

I have several decades of psychic scar tissue from blundering around in the woo-geek interface, where "woo" was mainly esoteric shi'ism/islam. I mostly think in terms of integral theory now, but I'm skeptical about a lot of it.

If you want someone to take a really-really-really hard (semi-hostile) look at your stuff, I don't know anyone better than the "middle way society" guy in the UK. Robert M Ellis. He used to be pretty euro-leftist, but has softened a little, maybe after actually applying his non-dogmatism to his own politics!?!

MWS has as its main patron Iain McGilchist (evolutionary psychiatrist).


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