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Completely off topic, but I know how you love quantifying things.

"The problem is that Trump’s crimes are so large, his behavior so egregious, that if other candidates’ faults were viewed in proportion to Trump’s, they wouldn’t be seen at all. Imagine that faults — all of them, from goofy posture to light treason — were weight. In that case, we would measure a candidate’s faults in pounds. A regular candidate might have 100 pounds of baggage, DeSantis’ weirdness might put him at 120, and a clear crook like Rob Menendez might tip the scales at 200. In this analogy, Trump would weigh about as much as a neutron star. Trump’s faults are so immense that he requires new scales of measurement — in this analogy, solar masses would be needed to measure Trump’s weight. And, of course, DeSantis, Menendez, and every other candidate effectively weigh zero solar masses; they’re simply too small to register on that scale. If we assessed the flaws of Trump and other candidates on the same scale, we would simply ignore the other candidates."


Lots of funny DeSantis jokes included!

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