My assumption is that Freddie DeBoer made a deal to never say anything critical of Zionists on Bari Weiss' substack (or maybe elsewhere).

Weiss is a notorious pro-Zionist kook that pretends to be be "anti-woke" about everything except insane zionist radicalism.

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Oct 16·edited Oct 16

I'm confused as to why it doesn't make more sense for the people in India to kill the people trying to blackmail them rather than themselves.

ETA: Ahhhh, it's more online than I was thinking.

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FdB is the rare writer who I take the time to read even while disagreeing with just about all his policy positions. He’s just flat talented.

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Any chance you have access to the full study on personality changes after heart transplants?

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Wouldn't it make more sense to go after the verminous creditors and/or the scum running the "instant loan apps" than commit suicide???


Folks in India are killing themselves to avoid being blackmailed by creditors through instant loan apps that harvest their nude photos and blackmail them with them.


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