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It would be interesting if smbd tried do some statistics\comparison with other countries, comparing numbers of members versus total size of Ukraine military, and list of criminal actions of people from Azov. And compare these data with other countries.

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Many reading this might already be aware of this, but about one month ago there was a kerfuffle caused when a firearms history-focused book publisher, Headstamp Publishing, announced that their next book would be titled "The Foreigner Group - Our War in Ukraine, 2014-2015". The angle was that this was a rare account of a modern peer military conflict from somebody who actually had their boots on the ground. There was almost immediate outrage because the author was/is a member of Azov (and a genuine neo-Nazi based on his Twitter), and in less than 24 hours, Headstamp said that they were canceling the book project and apologized for not doing their research on the author.

They should have just waited until now to announce the project and they'd probably have record pre-order numbers from the same people who were having the vapors a month ago.

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I'm genuinely sad I missed this prior. The last paragraph here is one of the ages. Consider it stolen. (thank you)

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