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Thank you for pointing out the israeli data: Here is a good analysis of german excess mortality with a discussion of the vaccinations in the end: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/362777743_Excess_mortality_in_Germany_2020-2022

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One of the issues right now in England is that for many of us healthcare as we once knew it has gone.

Personally I am staying well clear of anywhere medical unless I have no choice as I always find that the places are full of sick people and I am not up for being sick if it can be avoided.

This has been happening all summer and is now getting worse but our Government has systematically been defunding the health service since 2010 (post GFC austerity).





You get the picture, there are stories every day of the week in every region like this and it just started to get really cold as well.

Also, many people are afraid to use their heating right now as the natural gas that is used for it is stupid money but many people live in shitty, draughty homes.

This winter is going to be absolutely awful but my actual point is this is affecting the death figures right now so without further separation of data, no-one knows what is going on.

I hope this is helpful to you but if it is not then sorry for wasting your time.

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Agreed on most of these points. I'm also open to the idea that All Cause Mortality post-COVID has risen in areas. It's plausible, but it seems easy to cherry-pick data on either side to support the argued-for claim. So, I'm still skeptical that either side has made a compelling case.

The place most of the analysis goes off the rails, in my opinion, is to lay any claimed rise at the feet of the vaccines. The arguments generally go something like this: 'Here's my cherry-picked data showing a significant All Cause Mortality rise, ergo, this must be the vaccines because the rise started right after the vaccines were introduced. What else could it be? Also, have you seen all those once-healthy soccer players biting the dust? You're going to deny that this is caused by the vaccines?!?'

It's a statistical mess followed by logical fallacies, so I remain a skeptic until something compelling is offered. Haven't seen anything yet.

What data do I think will be compelling? When the life insurance companies start to go bankrupt, or their lobbyists start to advocate for bailouts, then I'll sit up and take notice.

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Obviously he was thinking AR-15 (which means Assault Rifle, right?!?) and being the confused old man that he is, said F-15.

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