One factor that I don’t think will change the conclusion but that should be part of the calculation: the greater probability of a rifle round striking multiple people.

I can’t find any sources that try to quantify the odds, but I only spent a couple of minutes looking.

Even if it’s 1 in 10, which is almost certainly much higher than the real number, the math in this article still favors handguns.

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What is the article using for weights of the rounds? I know I could calculate it back from the chart, 4.2 lbs over ~255 or over ~160, but I'd like to ask for more accurate numbers. From my internet searches, it looks like 9mm parabellum is around 175 grains, while M855A1 is between 180-190 grains.

In case I have the terminology wrong, I mean the weight of the case, propellant, primer, and bullet combined.

I took an ordinary kitchen scale and measured 13 grams for the 9mm and 12 for the .223. Sure, my rounds may be different, but that is why I'm interested in what the author used.

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Thanks for all your hard work and excellent content.

Eugene Gu (MD?) is a notorious SJW creepy crawler, do a web search, you'll see a lot of slime.

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When I try to watch that YouTube video, Google say I have to prove my age by giving them my credit card of photo id details. This I will not do, because Google are an anti-privacy company that knows waaay too much about me already. (Indeed, they know perfectly well that I am way over 18, judging by the targetted ads they send my way.)

Is there any chance you could replace the video with one hosted on a less anti-privacy website?

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