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Hmmmm. Sample size is a little too small. It's interesting to me that there's not a third category: Unvaccinated but had Covid already. To my knowledge, there aren't forced vaccinations in prison. If that's true, and if the prison infection rate is that high (93%), then about the only thing that could account for 42 inmates being in the unvaxxed category would be that they weren't in prison at the outset and hadn't already had Covid. It's a possibility, I suppose. Still, the absence of an unvaxxed but had Covid category is curious.

By the way, the link to that study is either inaccurate or the page has been taken down. "This site can’t be reached www.cdc.gov’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem."

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Can't say fairer than that, I reckon.

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Nearly 12,000 inmates in Thailand prison given dried herb used for centuries in Asia for colds and flu. 99% got better quickly.

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this doesn’t bring up the potentiality of the vaccine’s slow rollout as a precursor for the stronger variants. there are theories out there with regards to this, and if, indeed, that is a potential, how would we go about accounting for a stronger variant amongst the still unvaxxed and what their infection, hospitalization and recovery rates may look like vs the vaxxed?

even with the scores of data we have, it’s difficult to break it all down thoroughly enough to truly measure its efficacy.

that being said, I’m middle-aged, vaxxed, somewhat healthy, and take zinc and vitamin d everyday, along with daily hour long walks to add additional vitamin d support. your numbers above only help to reiterate that the virus isn’t the danger we all feared at the onset. I’m not sure we see any real way out of this but to let it run it’s course and continue to look for effective treatments for the more deeply affected.

my distaste with all of this is the vast amount of wealth the pharmas are making through this. we’re held hostage and they’re setting and raising the price as the market would dictate. but it begs the question, if there was a scenario where putting the good of humanity over making money would be appropriate, this one seems like it would be. not to mention the fact taxpayers already ponied up the r&d money for the vaccine and we’re taking a bath on the boosters as well. the abject greed of big pharma has been blatant for a while, but this entire event really seals the deal on their sin.

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