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Thanks for the insight! Definitely makes sense that policing generally would be divorce-able from this idea of systemic racism in law enforcement, such that similar dynamics can be seen to play out in places across the globe. Seems to me many interactions can get incredibly complicated quickly, especially in a time of heightened political tensions, though perhaps this is actually decreasing the number of incidents over time? And just because race isn't someone's biggest obstacle in life doesn't mean it won't suddenly become so at a moment's notice for reasons of luck, circumstance, and, perhaps, bad policing. By the way, I'm a Georgia boy myself. I picked up "True Believer" on your recommendation, and while I'm still working through it, already, the book has been revelatory. I wonder... what's the best position to take when it looks like societal forces are moving beyond any and all control? You, for instance, are offering public commentary attempting to elucidate many of these facts and conditions while staying out of the culture war aspects. Do you ever get in hot water, or have you found a sweet spot?

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